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Import Quarantine permit

Import Quarantine conclude

Certification in the Russian Federation is a fairly harmonious mechanism, controlled and regulated by government agencies control.

Import quarantine permit is a form of an official document issued by the competent authorities, for presentation to customs authorities for the right of transit through the territory of the country or the import of plant products on which the specialized services of the Russian Federation imposed quarantine restrictions.

The list of plant products which are subject to quarantine, determined by the current legislation of Russia. This list include such items as:

  • refrigerated or fresh vegetables;
  • Different types of nuts;
  • All kinds of fruit;
  • Crops;
  • Products from cereals and flour;
  • cake, bran, bran;
  • Foods of plant origin intended for animals;
  • timber, lumber, wood;
  • Raw tobacco products;
  • Protein concentrates and textured protein substances, and other products.

A complete list of products that require a phytosanitary inspection with the subsequent registration of import quarantine permit for transportation and delivery to Russia is set out in a letter to the Russian Selhoznadzora of December 13, 2006. Legitimacy period of this authorization shall not exceed a period of three months. If within this period the production has not crossed the border, this authorization must draw again.

Drafting, approval and issuance of the document is done by the Rosselkhoznadzor (Federal Inspectorate for phytosanitary and veterinary control), represented in the person of the territorial local offices.

If you need help in getting this document or advice on its preparation, you can apply to the certification of products in Novosibirsk.

details about the procedure of registration and registration of import quarantine permit

To place an import quarantine permit, you must provide the following list of documents:

  • written application on a form approved by the established form,
  • power of attorney for the applicant, medical certificates disinfection facilities for the temporary storage of goods and permanent storage at the destination,
  • photocopy signed by the head of a temporary storage warehouse contract (signed and stamped),
  • Certified copy of finding registered with the tax authorities,
  • Certified copy of the unified state register of legal entities,
  • copy of the contract to lease storage space,
  • copy extracts from the register of selection (if to Russia imported seed and planting material, which have been placed under the state register).

If the applicant didn’t provide the CA with a complete list of all necessary documents, UFS on phytosanitary and veterinary control has the right to return them to the applicant without consideration.

To avoid this, be sure to contact the experts of the certification in Novosibirsk of assistance in this regard.

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