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Certification safety

Certification of labor protection

The Labor Code and the Federal law on the protection of labor says that the duty of the employer is to ensure your organization’s certification in all of the operations related to labor protection.

Certification safety is done by forming a network of testing laboratories and certification bodies accredited in the prescribed manner. A working committee of certification bodies is created; they include experts with certification to conduct one or more species of the certification.

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The functions of the certification centers which realize the procedure of carrying out health and safety certification are the following:

  • formation and subsequent improvement of the normative documents on the matter,
  • holding the certification procedures, execution and delivery of the security certificate (certificate of occupational safety) to the applicant
  • Implementation inspection control over labor protection, which have already received a certificate,
  • cancellation or suspension of the already issued certificate, if necessary,
  • the request of the applicant, provide the requested information, if it is included in the competence of the body,
  • Management database companies that have received a safety certificate,
  • The register of independent experts and organizations that are engaged to work on certification,
  • and send to a central body SSOT information required to enable certification of facilities in the state register.

Function testing laboratories are as follows:

  • Implementation hazards parameters factor,
  • Issuance assessment protocols.

To implement safety certification the applicants have to certify jobs at the plant and transfer the data to the regional certification body, for example in Novosibirsk. Along with that they apply for certification, identify the officials and institutions, representing the company in the certification process, provide unhindered access to company experts for the exercise of their powers, and develop measures to bring the object of certification in accordance with the legislation on labor protection.

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