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Certificate for windows

Certification of products defines its conformity (or non-conformity) to the legislation requirements and standards.

Certificate for window is the official standard document which confirms that the product has been subjected to a certification procedure and confirmed its compliance with the standards and laws of the Russian Federation.

Window is an embrasure in the wall of the house, made for the light and air admission to the room from the street. For protection against the heat and cold, the windows have the glass blocks.

At present, the glass pack is most used for windows production rather than sheet glazing.

Earlier the certification for windows was mandatory procedure. It was necessary to issue a certificate of conformity in the national system of certification and standardization GOST R. Nowadays windows are subject to mandatory declaration. The difference between the certificate and declaration is that for the declaration the applicant (manufacturer or seller) takes all the responsibility for the product, and certification bodies conduct research and test the data. And when you make a certificate of conformity, the certification body takes this responsibility signing the document confirming the compliance of the product characteristics, the criteria of quality.

Certification procedure and laboratory testing of windows are held in Russia in accordance to the state standards, depending on the material of the manufacture of window packages.

  • Plastic windows (PVC profiles) are tested in accordance with GOST 30674-99
  • Wooden windows are tested in accordance to GOST 24700-99
  • Double-glazed windows must be produced in accordance with GOST 24866-99

The registration of the certificate of conformity is compulsory for glass pack. Here windows are divided into two types: single-chamber and two-chamber windows.

The registration is held by the specialized certification products. This must be an organization that has been officially registered in the territory of Russia for taxation purposes and has approved by the National Accreditation. One of such centers in Novosibirsk is our organization.

Documents and information required for registration of the certificate for the windows

The procedure for registration of certificates of conformity for a window is regulated and includes the following steps:

  • Providing the application form for the certification. The applicant can act as a manufacturer and seller of the product;
  • Providing the required documents (or their notarized copies), the composition of which is coordinated with specialists of the CA;
  • Providing the samples for the researches.
  • Identification of products provided by National Classification of products.
  • Selecting the certification scheme. In case when in the production of windows two types of glass were used (single or double chamber), for example, in the production of windows and balcony blocks connected in one design, the laboratory tests are carried out separately – first the tests of the single-chamber and then – of the double-glazed windows. There will be two test reports and one certificate of conformity. If the manufacturer of the windows uses more than one species of profiles for its production, the number of certificates of conformity will be equal to the number of profiles, as each type of profile has its special characteristics;
  • According to the results of the test and of the study protocols, Certification Commission makes the decision on the issuance of the applicant at the hands of the ordered design of supporting documents or refusal;
  • Extradition on hand applicant standard document on the letterhead.

Certificate for Windows cannot be issued only if all samples previously provided for the passage of certification procedures, wholly or partially do not meet the standards, rules and regulations of the applicable Russian legislation.

If you go to our certification center in Novosibirsk, our specialists will consult you regarding the certification process for your products at an affordable price, legally correct and in the shortest period of time.

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