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Certificate for toys

Toys are the products of different materials designed for play and child development.

Toys are distinguished in a following way:

    • Musical products,
    • pyrotechnic toys,
    • Optical,
    • Electric toys,
    • educational games,
    • Various kits for testing and so on.

Certificate for toys is an official confirmation of the fact that these toys have passed the certification procedure and proves that they fully comply with standards and regulations stipulated by the law regarding the quality of this type of product.

To sell toys in Russia the certification for toys is a mandatory procedure, as to all goods produced for children. Toys must be made of high-quality and ecologically safe materials. To confirm the safety of toys first of all you may need the certificate of state registration, confirming compliance with the characteristics of toys set by the hygienic regulations.

Nowadays the certification of toys is held in the EEA technical regulations system. All toys must correspond to the standards mentioned in the EEA Technical regulations 008/2011.

Issuing a certificate for toys in Russia

To get the certificate for toys you can contact a certification authority, which must be an organization, officially registered and accredited in Russia. In Novosibirsk, you can apply to our organization.

Certification of toys includes the following steps:

  • The certification body must be provided with an application form and with the documents describing the applicant company (the seller or the manufacturer), the process of the toy industry, and the characteristics of products. A full list is available from the specialist of the center.
  • Giving the product samples for research.
  • The researchers are held in specialized accredited laboratories. Toys are tested for concentrations of toxic contaminants, safety materials and construction toys, determined the shape, size, appearance, odor availability, integrity and security packages, etc.
  • As a result of the test the protocols are written, the Commission for certification studies the protocols and makes the decision to issue the documents confirming the quality of the product.
  • The applicant gets the issued documents.

If a whole or partial nonconformity of the product characteristics to the legislation standards and requirements was revealed, the applicant gets an official rejection to issue the certificate of conformity.

For registration of the certificates for toys and getting any sort of advice, you can contact the certification center in Novosibirsk.

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