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Certificate for tile

The procedure of certification in Russia is one of the necessary stages of the product life.

Certificate for tiles is the official standard document issued on a special form, which serves as a proof that the products have passed through the certification process and meets the statutory standards and requirements.

Tiles are goods in the shape of plates, which are made from a variety of materials used for decoration, sidewalks, building facades, etc. Produce tiles made of different materials, mostly of clay with a mixture of various synthetic or natural building materials, as well as wood, stone, plaster, etc., by pressing and firing.

Classify the tiles on those types:

  • glazed tile,
  • Gypsum Tile,
  • Pavement,
  • gypsum tiles,
  • tile carpenter,
  • Tile absotsementnaya,
  • Tile particleboard,
  • Ceramics
  • Tiles.

Russian law provides the issuing of the certificate of state registration for the implementation of all types of tiles. This document is a guarantee that during the production of the product all hygiene regulations were fulfilled. And to realize the polymer tiles for floor, you need the fire certificate. This is due to the fact that the material, of which it is made, can be a potential threat of ignition. Making a document available to any regional certification center.

For all types of tiles the voluntary registration of document is recommended. Its presence will increase the confidence of customers to the products and, therefore, increase its competitiveness and demand in the domestic market.

Where and how to issue an official certificate on the tiles?

Registration of the certificates for the tiles is made by a special certification. Such centers must be officially registered in Russia for taxation purposes, and having the certificate of state accreditation. Certification Center in Novosibirsk is our organization.

Certification procedure for tile is made as follows:

  • Giving the application form for the issue of certificates of conformity for the tiles. Applicant may act as a manufacturer and seller of products.
  • If the goods are produced in Russia they must provide the following documentation: documents confirming the state registration, and registration with the tax authorities, confirmation of tenancy or ownership, technical regulations, and production documents. Additionally, you must provide the results of previous examinations passed (if any). If the goods are manufactured outside of Russia must submit: a certificate of state registration of the applicant, a description of products and TT, a copy of the original TIN, the supply contract, the results of previously performed examinations.
  • provide samples for research,
  • identification of products,
  • Select certification scheme,
  • Specialists conduct the laboratory studies on the selected mode. The purpose of testing is to discover the product’s characteristics established by the legislation, the limits for this type of product.
  • Certification Commission decides either to issue supporting documents or to reject.
  • Issuing the documents and giving it to the applicant.

Certificate for tiles cannot be issued in case of partial or total non-compliance of the product to the standards imposed on the quality of the product by the Russian law.

Contacting our certification in Novosibirsk, you can certify your products in a short period of time at a reasonable price.

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