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Certificate for switches

Switches are switching electrical devices designed to open and close electrical circuits, for a network with a voltage not exceeding 1000 volt.

Certificate for switches is a key document which ensures that the product has passed through the certification procedure, which established its full compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation imposed for this type of product.

At present, the domestic market offers various types of switches, such as a one-key switches, two-key switches, three-key switches, infrared switches, radio-controlled, devices for blinds, dimmer switches, and sensor model. Also there are difference between switches with respect to protection against moisture and dust, making material, method of installation, etc.

Since usually switches are inserted into the wall or placed on its surface, directly connected to the current path, they are a potential threat to life and health of the users. In this regard, most types of switches are included in the list of products which compliance must be confirmed by a certificate of conformity for the switch (Government Decree of 01.12.2009 № 982).

The certification is needed for the following types of switches:

  • switches for electric appliances for household and similar ones (OCP 346,420) (GOST R, numbered 51324.2.3-99, 51324.2.2-99, 51324.2.1-99, 51324.1-99).
  • Switches traveling and finite, push-button power with software device, pressure switches (GOST R, numbered 50030.6.2-2000, 50030.6.1-99, 50030.5.1-99, IEC 60947-6-2-92, IEC 60947-5-5-97).
  • switch-disconnectors (OCP 342,450) (GOST 50030.3-99).
  • Switches for industrial and residential use low voltage circuit (OCP 342 100, 342 200) (GOST 9098-78, numbered, 50030.2-99, 50345-99, IEC 60898-95, IEC 60947-2-98).
  • Switches automatic differential current (OCP 342,100) (GOST R, numbered 51327.1-99, 51326.2.2-99, 51326.1-99, IEC 61008-1-96, IEC 61009-2-2-90).
  • circuit breakers (GST under the number 341 410) (Standard for the numbers 17717-79, 18397-86, 2585-81, 1516.3-96, 687-78).

For the implementation of certain types of switches you may need the declaration of conformity. For more information you can apply to our center “Rostest Sibir”, providing some technical characteristics of the switches.

The certification center must be officially registered in the Russian Federation and have an accreditation in the national Standard. In Novosibirsk, this center is our company.

How to get the certificate to switch?

The procedure of registration of the certificates for switches is regulated and controlled by public authorities. It includes the following steps:

  • Applying for a certificate or declaration of conformity. In the role of the applicant may act as producers of goods and its seller.
  • Providing the CA with the available documents (possibly notarized copies) the list of which should be agreed with the experts CA.
  • Providing the samples for certification procedures.
  • The identification of Manufactured goods according to the National Classification of products.
  • Selection of the certification scheme.
  • Conducting the laboratory studies to reveal the characteristics of the good which must comply to the requirements and regulations imposed on the quality of the product, established by Russian legislation.
  • Making the test reports.
  • Certification Commission studies the protocols and makes the decision on issuing statements of quality, design, or refusal to grant them.
  • The applicant gets the certificate.


Certificate for switches cannot be issued in case of partial or total non-compliance of products set by the legislation.

The specialists of our Certification Center in Novosibirsk can provide you with more information about certification of the product.

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