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Certificate of steel

Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon. The field of its application becomes very large, but the most important one is the use in the field of engineering. Certificate of steel is the official form of document confirming that the product has successfully passed the certification process in which they established its full compliance with the characteristics and properties of the material to the legally approved standards and quality criteria imposed to the product by the state. In accordance with the National Classification of national production, there are the following types of steel products:

  • liquid steel casting,
  • steel ingots,
  • steel wool,
  • steel scrap and scrap steel,
  • Steel, the processed synthetic slags,
  • Steel, which has been subjected to the process of vacuum (vnepechenogo), and other types of steel.

Classification of steel is also provided in the group 08 7000-4 OKP.

Since the steel is used in many spheres of human activity, in many industrial processes and in manufacturing of various parts, the quality of the material should be high. Therefore, for some kinds of steel products, the legislation of the Russian Federation set the requirement to confirm the quality of products with the certificate of compliance for all types of steel:

  • Steel ropes,
  • steel enamelware,
  • steel metalwork and carpentry hammers,
  • Steel boilers,
  • Seamless steel cylinders of large volume,
  • Steel cylinders of medium and small size.

For some types of steel products you may need to issue the declaration of conformity. It must be drawn for such kinds of steel products as steel cutlery and accessories, steel drums. To determine the type of the document confirming the compliance with this or other products, please refer to Government Resolution No. 982, adopted in 2009, 01 December. For the types of steel, which do not require the certificates for steel, it is recommended to make the supporting documents on a voluntary basis, which will have positive impact on the competitiveness of products, the company's image and will increase consumer confidence.

How to get the certificate for steel in Russia?

In order to obtain a certificate of conformity for steel, you should contact the center for certification in Novosibirsk. They may be the organization (both natural and legal persons), registered in the Russian Federation and have the official accreditation. Such a center is our organization. The procedure for registration of certificates of conformity for steel (declaration) is strictly regulated and is composed of the following stages:

  • Submitting of the documents and statements,
  • The identification and classification of products selected for the procedures of certification,
  • Testing the given samples in specialized accredited laboratories which conduct the researches of products. In the case of registration of the declaration of conformity, they study characteristics of the product.
  • The protocol of researches are written
  • Certification Commission studies the above reports and documents provided by the company and makes the decision to issue the declaration (certificate). If during the investigation it was found that the characteristics of mushrooms do not meet the requirements of quality, they take the decision to reject the certification of the product.
  •  The applicant gets the certificate/declaration.

The certification body may reject the issuing of the certificate only if the samples of the product wholly or partially do not match the requirements and standards prescribed by the law.

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