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Certificate for parts

Parts are called components of some mechanisms, machines, devices that are designed to replace the failed similar components.

The certificate for parts is a document which has an established form legally binding, confirming the compliance of the product quality standards set by the current legislation.

Depending on the use and type of spare parts, the process of certification can be presented in the form of registration of the certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity. This is determined by a single list of products subject to mandatory certification, approved by Government Resolution No. 982 of 01.12.2009 or by the EEA Technical Regulations.

For example, according to this list, the mandatory registration certificate must be provided for these parts:

    • Accessories for cellulose – code 3651,
    • Parts Equipment polymer – code 3620,
    • Equipment refineries and chemical – code 3610,
    • oilfield equipment Drilling and exploration – the code 3610 and TL

For some types of spare parts, according to the above list, it is obligatory to issue a declaration:

    • pivot bearings for automobiles – code 4649,
    • Parts Machine tools – code 3873,
    • head gaskets on motor vehicles – code 4560, etc.

For some types of parts there are really strict requirements. For example, a vehicle engine requires mandatory certification, as well as post-certification annual survey.

The procedure design certificate for parts in Russia

Registration certificate for parts mainly covers three schemes:

    • Certificate of the manufacturer (for mass production, as well as for deliveries for different users.) Validity period of 1-3 years.
    • Certificate on the contract (if there is a constant supply of the various types of spare parts throughout the year on the basis of the contract).
    • On single delivery (for the test batch, without doing laboratory research, for parts of the same type).

Certification of spare parts can be ordered in one of the certification authorities. These are companies registered and state-accredited in the Russian Federation officially and with the tax authorities. In Novosibirsk, the certification body is our business.

For certification you must submit an application form and provide the CA with the necessary documents, a list of which can be coordinated with specialists of the certification agency, as well as to provide samples for the study.

After that the study of documents and laboratory research of the products are held, protocols are issued, on the basis of which the issue of providing supporting evidence is possible. If all the characteristics of the product meet the requirements of the law, the applicant gets a certificate or declaration of conformity. Otherwise the refusal letter is made.

To obtain the certificates or declarations of conformity for parts, or for any kind of advice you can contact the certification center in Novosibirsk.

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