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Certification Software

Software is a complex of computer programs that provide the quality data processing, the data of transfer to other devices, as well as the normal functioning of the computer.

In our country the certification of software is a process of matching the software standards and the requirements of State Standard of the Russian Federation. This procedure is strictly regulated.

There are several principles on which the software is classified:

  • Application software (antivirus, archivers, word processing, Internet browsers, for audio and video),
  • Tool software (software development tools, database management system),
  • System software (drivers, codecs, operating systems, designed to operate the computer).

Also, the software is divided into basic and server.

Software is created by programmers, and then it passes the adjustment and testing of other experts in the field of IT. After that it can pass the certification procedure.

In Russia the certification of products is not necessarily provided. There is a system of voluntary certification, developed at the Research Institute of Metrology Service. This procedure is carried out in accordance with the GOST 25123-82, and the number 19781-90.

The details on software certification in the Russian Federation

In order to certify the product, the certification authority (this can be an organization that is officially registered in Russia, put on the tax records and has a state accreditation) must submit the following documents:

  • application for certification,
  • description of their functions and structures of the sequence data,
  • description of the parameters and functions that are subject to metrological control (Recommendations MI 2891-22-004),
  • description of modules,
  • description of implemented algorithms for the calculation and the block diagram,
  • list of interfaces and commands for each interface, and a statement of their completeness,
  • description of the methods of identification, which was implemented,
  • list, the effect and significance of commands sent by the keyboard, mouse, and other input sources,
  • description of data protection methods that are implemented,
  • description of all menus, dialog, user interfaces,
  • user manual,
  • description transmitted and stored data sets,
  • characteristics required to the hardware and system resources.

After submission of the necessary documents, the process of certification of all types of software includes the following steps:

  • Making the certification decision and the appointment of experts to carry out this procedure,
  • Making the contract,
  • Identification of products (defined code corresponding to the classifier),
  • Software tests,
  • Writing the protocols of researches,
  • Making the decision to issue a certificate and permit the use of a mark of conformity, or to reject,
  • The extradition of the requested document.
  • The entry in the Register of VTS SIIIS software certified and legal (physical) person who has received a certificate,
  • The Inspections Control of the certified software.

If during the process of certification some discrepancy of the product to the legal requirements and regulations was revealed, the CA may reject the issuance of the supporting documentation.

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