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Certificates for oil

Oil is petroleum product produced during the refining. It includes different types of fuels, oils, bitumen, solid hydrocarbons, carbon, solvents, and wax, tar, etc.

Certification of petroleum products is executed in accordance with the EEA Technical regulations 013/201.

It is imperative to make out for the following products:

    • Aviation Oil GOST numbered 1012-72,
    • Oil and fuel oil for the number GOST 10585-99,
    • Solid petroleum waxes GOST 23683-86 numbered (except for grade C, T1, T2, T3),
    • motor oils for diesel engines for the number of GOST 12337-84,
    • Motor gasoline GOST numbered 2084-77,
    • Jet Fuel Standard under the number 10227-86,
    • aviation gasoline GOST 21743-76 for the number, etc.
    • Petroleum lubricating oil (turbine, compressor, motor, etc.),
    • Medical white oil,
    • motor oil for diesel transport vehicles fast,
    • oil AMG-10,
    • Oil MT – 16p,
    • gear oil,
    • compressor oil,
    • compressor oils of sulfur COP-19,
    • Working fluid 7-50S-3, etc.

Confirmation of the quality of such oil as bitumen, coke, various solvents carried out voluntarily. For these types of products it is recommended to get the voluntary certificates for oil products.

Certification of petroleum products can be ordered in the certification center, which was approved by the National Accreditation. For example, the certification body in Novosibirsk.

Where and how to get the certificates for oil?

Nowadays the certification of the product is carried out in the EEA Technical regulation system that take into account the features of production and supply of petroleum products, the requirements of international agreements in force in the global market.

To get the certificate you may apply to the certification center with an application form and a set package of documents, a list of which shall be agreed with the experts of the center.

For more advice on the registration of the certificate of compliance for petroleum and other supporting documents, you can refer to the certification center in Novosibirsk.

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