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Certificates perfumes

Perfume is the set of products made from the compositions aromatic solvents (alcohol, dipropylene glycol, a mixture of water and alcohol, etc.), which is used for flavoring.

Perfume is certified in accordance with the EEA Technical regulations 009/2011.

The certificate for perfumes is an official document confirming the passage of the certification procedures, which resulted in the correspondence of its characteristics approved by Russian law standards.

It is recommended to obtain voluntary compliance certificate for these products. This document will be the best proof of health safety when using these products, as well as its high quality, that will surely enhance the status of the manufacturer (seller) of the perfume.

The procedure of certification for perfumes in Russia

Certificates can be issued in the certification agencies, which must be accredited by Rosstandart. In Novosibirsk, this center is our organization.

To obtain a certificate (declaration) of compliance, the certification authority must submit the following documents:

  • application for a certificate (declaration),
  • the copies of statutes of the applicant company, which include VAT certificate, statistical codes, registration certificate of the company BIN,
  • full list of ingredients, which are parts of the product,
  • State Registration Certificate (if there is) for this fragrance products,
  • Projects annotations to the products and designs of labels in print or electronic forms,
  • If the applicant is a seller of products – you also provide an agreement with the manufacturer. If you are an importer, you provide the CA with the power of attorney from the manufacturer to represent its interests on the territory of Russia.

After submission of the required documents, the experts of the center test the given samples of perfumes in specialized accredited laboratories, make research and prepare reports, which are passed the certification committee for the study and the decision to issue the certificate (declaration) of compliance.

If the provided products fully conform to the established standards of the legislation, the applicant gets the certificate (declaration) of compliance. If products partially or fully meet the quality standards, the CA may reject the issuance of the supporting documents.

If you want to order the execution of certificates of conformity for perfumes or declaration, you can get it in the certification center in Novosibirsk.

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