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Certificate for clothing


The means of protection include clothing, appliances, fixtures, and its main task here is the protection from the adverse effects of external on ear, skin, respiratory system and internal organs. Remedies are usually designed for saving from getting poisonous, radioactive, bacteriological pollutants into the internal organs, skin, clothing.

Certificate for clothing is a process in order to verify compliance or non-conformity of production to the requirements and standards established by the current Russian legislation. After the completion of the certification procedure the certificate of conformity for all clothing is given to the applicant. This document confirms the fact that the product meets all the necessary standards and requirements of safety and quality. It is possible in any of the certification centers in Russia, and in particular of Novosibirsk.

Overalls are classified as follows, the funds that are used to protect:

  • hand,
  • feet,
  • head,
  • hearing,
  • face,
  • breathing,
  • dermatological,
  • if dropped from a great height,
  • insulating and special suits,
  • special,
  • comprehensive protections that have extensive sector destinations.

All these remedies are subject to certification, excluding the protective gowns. To all means of protection, a certificate of state registration is often compulsory; it confirms that they accurately meet sanitary standards and requirements.

The certification body authorized by the government, conducts quality assurance procedure remedies. CA, as a rule, provides services in the preparation, implementation and execution of the certification procedure of supporting documents. Under CA we understand officially registered and state-accredited organization in the Russian Federation.

CA specialists, efficiently and quickly identify the product, according to one of the official national list of products, which guarantees the right choice of certification scheme.

The issuing procedure of certificate for clothing in Russia

All remedies are in the process of registration of such document, as certificate for clothing on the scheme, which is regulated by law. The procedure for processing of certificates of compliance for all types of clothing includes the following steps:

  • Making and filing an application for a certification body;
  • Giving all the required documents to the certification center;
  • The series of laboratory specimens, which were selected earlier, in order to determine their compliance with the standards and requirements which are set out in the legislation;
  • the laboratory studies that have been conducted in the CA serve a basis for issuing such special professionals document (certificate or protocol);
  • Commission consideration of the documents on the results of laboratory tests on the basis of these documents. Commission certification decision on issuance of the identity of documents or refuse to issue a certificate for the product;
  • Granting the certificate to the applicant

If the certificate issued to certain types of clothing was not approved by a certification authority, this fact indicates that during laboratory testing the personnel revealed the discrepancy in specific product requirements established by Russian legislation and standards.


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