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Material certificate

Material is a type of product that is used as the base or supporting material for the production of other goods or services. This is the “raw material” for the production (use) of something or to commit any action.

Material certificate or a declaration of conformity for a certain material is a document showing the compliance of the materials to the GOST, speaking of their safety and quality. The list of products which require a mandatory registration of certificates for materials designated can be found in the “common lists of products subject to mandatory certification.”

The materials are divided into the following types:

  • natural (derived from natural substances by their low processing),
  • artificial (obtained by processing natural substances).

All materials can be divided into groups by the type, classified according to various indicators used in different spheres of life, like:

  • printing;
  • paint;
  • wood;
  • textile;
  • finishing;
  • polymer;
  • construction.

Each of these types of materials can also be subdivided. For example, combustible materials are divided into solid, liquid and gas; polymers can be film, sheet, granular, liquid and solid.

By the appointment, they are divided into two types:

  • construction,
  • functionality.

So, the term “material” is very broad. Therefore, the different types of materials require different types of certification documents.

In addition, some inspection bodies may ask the hygienic safety certificate, fire certificate, or certificate of origin, and so on.

Certification of the materials in Novosibirsk is a procedure carried out by specialized certification centers. The presence of the certificate confirms that the product fully complies with the requirements of safety and set quality standards.

Not all materials are subject to mandatory certification. However, at the request of the applicant, the certification center can conduct voluntary certification for the official document confirming compliance with all material requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.


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