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Certificate honey

Certification generally is one of the most important and effective levers of government.

This document is issued and given to the applicant, namely the manufacturer or seller of honey, after passage of the law established by the relevant certification.

Honey is a unique food product that has some curative properties. It is collected and produced by bees from the flower nectar, which has an amazing taste. And it also has conventional treatment, including preventive properties. Thus, it appears that honey is not only efficient, cheap but also a harmless natural medicine.

In the Russian Federation, the honey is subject to mandatory certification in the EEA Technical regulation system.

Certificate for honey is a document that has an official status, confirming the compliance with the product requirements and standards, including sanitary requirements established by legislation.

This document certifies that the product meets the legal health standards, and serves the guarantee of safety for the consumer, and indicates compliance of its characteristics stated in the standard.

Certification of honey is executed in the form of declaration of conformity to the EEA Technical regulations 021/2011.

The classification of honey may be used depending on its origin, the type of flowers from which the nectar was collected previously, etc. Thus, honey can be:

  • heather;
  • lime;
  • may;
  • buckwheat;
  • Bashkir.

The details on the certificate is issued for honey in Russia

The certification of honey, as well as all other products, is executed by the special centers for certification with the official registration in the Russian Federation which are taxpayers. These organizations may have the status of a natural and legal person, as well as have the state accreditation.

Certification of a product such as honey, involves the identification of its compliance with the following approved standard indicators:

  • appearance;
  • smell;
  • presence in special sugars;
  • useful sucrose content;
  • presence of impurities;
  • presence of various toxic components.

In addition to the above the storage and transportation of the product are checked.

The registration of the certificates for honey is conducted in compliance with the following standards:

  • Natural honey (GOST № 19792-2001);
  • Pollen (pollen) flower (GOST № 28887-90);
  • Honeys monoflornyh (GOST № 52451-2005).

A document certifying the quality (certificate) is issued on the basis of sanitary-epidemiological conclusions by means of a declaration of conformity and making sanitary conclusion.

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