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The manufacturing equipment is a collection of machines and equipment which ensures the production of certain products. The equipment may be different, depending on the area, in which it operates, as well as the functions it performs, and products that we have in the result.

Depending on the type of equipment there could be different requirements for certification. For some species you need to issue a certificate of conformity, for others – a declaration of conformity. Previously, you had to issue a certificate of conformity to GOST, but on the February 15, 2013 new Technical Regulations of the Customs Union came into force governing the issue of safety of equipment and machines. According to this regulation some types of the equipment is subject to getting the certificate, and others – to declaration of conformity of the equipment and machines, but only to the new items. If the equipment has already been used to this point, it is not subject to secondary certification. Hardly there are any equipment now is subject to certification in the GOST system.

Certificate of conformity with technical regulations has some differences from the Russian certificate of conformity GOST R. The certificate of TR conformity has the EEA sign on the letterhead of the document, which has multiple layers of protection, similar to the previously issued by a certificate of compliance with GOST. A declaration of conformity is also prepared in the same way as before: on a sheet of paper, according to the established pattern printed with the equipment for printing text.

A declaration of conformity is issued in Novosibirsk for equipment that does not pose much danger to human life and health, for example:

    • Some equipment for casting and welding industries,
    • some equipment for engineering,
    • equipment for poultry and livestock, etc.

Application for declaration of technical equipment may submit any legal person, including a private entrepreneur. Declaring its products, the person takes responsibility for the quality and technological safety. Declaration of Conformity can be issued for a period of up to 5 years.

Certificate of conformity with technical regulations is needed for the following equipment:

    • equipment for the leather and textile industries,
    • Woodworking equipment,
    • Equipment Exploration,
    • equipment for mining,
    • for meat and fish industry,
    • For the food industry, trade and public catering,
    • Equipment for plastics production and processing,
    • refrigeration, pumping and storage equipment,
    • Some of the equipment in the field of energy,
    • equipment for oil and gas industry,
    • Machines distinctive drives, cranes, conveyors and production lines.


more information about certification

For more advice on a supporting document for the certification of certain technical equipment, refer to the CA in Novosibirsk.

Keep in mind that for certain types of technological equipment it is necessary to carry out certification in other systems. For example, for equipment related to the category of high-risk potential of ignition there must issue a certificate of fire safety. This document is issued by the territorial body of Emergency Control Ministry.

Also, for certain types of equipment it is necessary to issue the Certificate of state registration of the Customs Union, confirming the sanitary and hygienic safety or expert opinion Rospotrebnadzor.

All these documents must be executed before starting the certification in TR system. The certification body will not issue a certificate of conformity to TR without these documents, if they are necessary for this type of equipment.

How to get the Certificate of Conformity?

To issue a certificate of conformity to TR (as well as GOST certificate), please contact the Certification Body, which is to be the state-accredited organization. For example, the CA in Novosibirsk.

Certification process of the manufacturing equipment has the following scheme:

    • Filling of the application form for certification of the equipment, the standard of the documentation and samples.
    • Holding researches of the equipment in specialized accredited laboratories to determine the compliance of its characteristics to the required quality standards.
    • Making of the protocols of research.
    • Making the decision to issue the necessary documents.
    • Giving the document to the applicant

Just as in the case of registration of the certificate GOST, if there are some partial or complete mismatches to the required quality standards, the certification body has the right to refuse to issue the supporting documents.

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