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Certificate Products

Foods are products that people consume to maintain their livelihoods. Man gets food from the environment. They can be organic or inorganic. Products are usually divided into the following types:

  • Natural products,
  • Artificial products
  • Natural, Processed (canned),
  • Food concentrates.

It is also divided into two categories of food over a period of storage:

  • Products with the prolonged storage (shelf life of more than a month),
  • Products with the short-term storage (shelf life of up to a month).

Certificate for products is an official document which serves as a confirmation of the fact that the product has successfully passed the certification process, in which the full compliance with the norms and standards adopted by Russian legislation for food products.
It is impossible to overestimate the influence of the quality of food on health and life. That is why, in accordance with the EEA Technical regulations 021/2011 the compulsory declaration of conformity is required. For some food before the certification procedure it is necessary to issue a certificate of state registration of the GOST R, which is a sign of high quality products in accordance with hygiene requirements, and ensures the safety for consumers of these products.

For all types of food products that have received certificates of conformity for food, you must provide an indication on the package with the following information:

  • Expiry date and the date of manufacture of products,
  • Composition,
  • Storage products,

Where and how to issue a certificate of conformity for food?

Certificates for food products must be issued in the certification center. Such a center must be any entity (legal or natural person), officially registered in the Russian Federation and have approved by the National Accreditation. Such center in Novosibirsk is our organization.

The procedure for certification of food products is strictly regulated and follows a standard pattern:

  • Applying a standard form to the CA,
  • delivery of a standard package of statutory documents (notarized copies),
  • Providing product samples,
  • Identification of products,
  • Selecting a certification, depending on the type of product,
  • Conducting special laboratory tests for the identification of relevant characteristics of the product to specified legal requirements,
  • Studying of the above protocols, and on the basis of it granting the supporting documents or registration failure,
  • Extradition of the declaration of compliance.

The CA may reject to issue the declaration of compliance if during the researches of the products there was found the complete or partial non-compliance with regulations and legislation.

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