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Certificate on film

Certification of products, it is a confirmation of its compliance with approved standards of quality and safety, in Novosibirsk, in the whole of Russia is one of the most effective instruments of state regulation of production and trade.

Certificate on film in its essence is the official documentary evidence of full compliance of the product with all the standards and requirements. In Novosibirsk, as well as on the territory of Russia, to get this kind of supporting document only after the passage of the goods described in the regulatory and legislative documents certification.

The film, by definition, is a thin, transparent and flexible material, which is made from polyethylene, cellulose, and other materials. Film typically is used as:

  • wrapping products;
  • packaging products;
  • to the needs of industrial applications;
  • to the needs of domestic purposes;
  • for photo and video production;
  • to production of a medical nature;
  • construction and finishing works.

This material is used in industry and everyday life, and various aspects of life. For example, in a film packed products in the store, clothing, tobacco, etc. That is why it is imperative that the film was harmless to the human body. Confirm the safety of the film by using a certificate of compliance for any film, which can be obtained from a certification authority.

A certificate for all types of film is required, according to the Resolution of the Russian Government under the number 982. This document came into force in 2009, 1 December. The resolution defined national single list of products that required for certification of conformity and to define a single list of goods for which registration of the declaration of conformity is mandatory. These products include:

  • products made of plastic materials – according to GOST 50962-96, it defines specific requirements for goods such as pottery and other items intended for household purposes, made of plastic and the technical conditions of production.
  • radiographic film – according to GOST 25847-8, it defines specific requirements for radiographic films and fluorography indicates their size and possible ways to control, for the category of such products.

Mandatory certification is needed for two types of films: polyethylene and cellulose.

Plastic film is the subtlest form of matter, which is made from a special food polyethylene.

Cellulose film is used in the food industry, and is made from regenerated cellulose.

How to get a certificate on the film in Russia

You can get the certificate for film in the certification centers. Certification Center is an organization that has been officially registered in the Russian Federation, received state accreditation, and placed on the tax account.

Some types of material require the registration of certificate not only for film, but the certificate of fire safety of the product.

Fire Safety Certificate is issued for the following products:

  • film materials which composition has a polymer resin (OKP code number 57 7000);
  • film materials with OKP code number 22 5590.

For certain types of films you may have to provide a certificate of state registration, which confirms that they accurately meet sanitary standards and requirements. These films are:

  • film made of plastics issued in rolls.
  • film made of plastics, non-cellular, unreinforced, supported.

Certificate of state registration, as a rule, is made on almost all kinds of products of this type.

In order to get a certificate for film you should contact the CA, where highly qualified and experienced consultants, efficiently and quickly identify the type of good (product) according to the list of Russia's official list of products.

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