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Certificate fabric

Fabric - a material used for clothing. Because clothing is in contact with the human body, all kinds of fabrics must undergo certification process. The purpose of this procedure is to verify the basic properties of the tissue, its origin, quality, durability, availability of harmful chemical substances.

For most types of fabric on fabric certificate is made as a declaration of conformity GOST Russia. This procedure is required for flax, mixed, silk, cotton, artificial, synthetic, wool and wool blend fabrics.

To obtain a certificate to the fabric must, without fail, to provide test reports tissue obtained special independent technicians are laboratories. In addition, it is obligatory and the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological services.

In cases where the tissue has a medical purpose, is used as a dressing is applied in surgery, for it requires proof of its compliance with health and safety standards.

Special attention is paid to certification of fabrics made clothing for children, they are presented as demanding compliance with established standards.

more information about the certificate to the fabric

The certification process tissue for expert assessment to inspect a number of indicators of fabric:

    • figure hygroscopic material (ability of the fabric to absorb or repel moisture);
    • figure shows the rate of hydrophilic fabric moisture wicking fabric.


This indicator is important for the fabrics used for sewing children's clothing in direct contact with the skin;

    • measure hydrophobicity tissue contrast nesmachivaemost characterizes it (it should be high for fabrics used in the manufacture of clothing);
    • breathable fabric figure indicates its ability to conduct air;
    • elekrizuemosti figure shows the ability of the fabric to the accumulation of electric charge;
    • toksilogichnosti rate - the level of concentration in the tissue of chemicals.


There are special fabrics used in tailoring, for example, fire-retardant - for working metal, oil and other industries.

Presence of the certificate on the fabric in Russia, particularly in Novosibirsk, special mandatory. In cases where the certificates in line with European standards, the product is very attractive for both the domestic and external markets. When checking the appropriate tissue in the European environmental standards "Ekoteks Standart100" checks tissue hundred parameters. Such identification can speak with confidence about the safety of products.

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