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Certificate for electrodes


Certification of the electrodes is carefully regulated and controlled by the state procedure, in which the product is installed according to all previously approved legislation standards and requirements. The procedure can be held can be a CA Novosibirsk.

After passing the above procedure, the manufacturer (or seller) gets the confirming official document – certificate to the electrodes.

What are the electrodes? By definition, these are conductors or circuit elements, which are shipped in special substances that are susceptible to electrical current. Electrodes, in most cases, are used in the welding of steel and cast iron. Qualitative electrodes must have high performance and meet the requirements of the highest welding process.

According to the official Russian qualifier electrodes are divided into the following types:

  • graphite (used for welding in ore-thermal lapper, steel furnaces);
  • steel (used for arc welding of cast iron and other materials)
  • coal (used for cutting, drilling in carbon and alloy steels.)
  • welding stainless (most popular electrode for welding stainless)
  • weld metal (used for conventional arc welding).

The quality of the electrodes, which are used when removing the bioelectric potentials, must be confirmed with the mandatory compliance certificate and a certificate of state registration. On the other types of electrodes it is recommended to make a voluntary certificate of conformity.

Where and how to issue an official certificate to the electrodes in Russia?

Certification procedure in Novosibirsk can be held in a certification agency. This CA, according to the current Russian legislation must be registered in our state and must have the state accreditation, and officially put on the tax account.

All electrodes are certified under the scheme, which is officially regulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation. The procedure for obtaining the certificate for the electrodes includes the following basic steps:

  • execution and filing of an application for a certificate for the electrodes to the CA;
  • providing the Certification Authority with the standard package of documents (usually a notarized copy of the documents for the goods, which in this case is subject to mandatory certification or is a voluntary certification);
  • holding a series of standard laboratory tests of previously selected samples, to the final determination of their standards and requirements that were previously registered in the current legislation of the Russian Federation;  
  • at the end of the research and testing at the laboratory the certification experts prepare a special document (usually a certificate or a protocol);
  • Certification Commission makes the decision to issue or not to issue a certificate confirming the compliance on the basis of the documents got from the laboratory studies of electrodes;
  • if the Certification Commission has adopted a decision on the design and the subsequent issuance of the confirming document the applicant gets  it.

The Certification authority may issue the refusal to issue a certificate for certain types of fans. This can only take place in case of total or partial non-compliance of characteristics of this fans to the quality standards set by the legislation.


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