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Certifications for clothes

Clothing, by definition, is a collection of wool, fur, cloth that people wear on their body to cover the nakedness and to protect it from overheating or cold.

Certificate for clothes, in its essence, is a standard document which is a confirmation of the fact that the product has been subjected to qualification, as a result of which there are full compliance with previously established by the legislation of the Russian Federation requirements and standards.

In accordance with Russian law, certification of clothing is mandatory, but for different types of clothing the different approaches to the process of certification are required. All the clothes must be certified in accordance with the EEA Technical regulation “On the safety of light industry products” and “On the safety of the products for children and adolescents”. Depending on the layer of clothing you have to issue either a certificate or declaration.

To get the precise information on what type of certification your product needs, please contact our certification center in Novosibirsk.

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The difference between certificate and declaration for clothes is that in the first case a special accredited body confirms compliance with the standards of the product, and in case with the declaration of conformity the manufacturer (or seller) guarantees its products quality..

The procedure of issuing the certificate or declaration for clothing in Russia

Certificates for clothes and the declaration of conformity must be valid throughout the territory of Russia, and documented in a special product certification bodies, which may be the organization (individual or legal entity), officially registered in the Russian Federation and the State has a Certificate of Accreditation. In Novosibirsk, you can refer to our organization, which is such a center.

Certification procedure (declaration) of products is strictly regulated and consists of the following stages:

  • Filling of the application in the Certification Center in Novosibirsk, and providing the center with the certified copies of statutory documents and samples of products
  • Identification of products according to the National Classification
  • Choosing the certification scheme,
  • Holding the special laboratory studies aimed at identifying relevant characteristics of the product provided by the established norms
  • Making the study protocol based on the tests
  • Making the decision based on the protocols either issue the supporting documents or refuse to extradite them
  • Extradition of the supporting documents to the applicant.

In case of total or partial non-conformity of production characteristics required by the standards and requirements prescribed by law, the center of the certification can issue denials of registration of certificates of conformity for clothes.

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