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Cheese is considered to be a dairy product, manufactured with different starter cultures, different methods of production.

Certificate for cheese is a document confirming the fact of the passage in the product certification process and the establishment as a result of its full compliance with the quality standards of the product, approved for this type of product the Russian legislation.

According to the technology used in the production of cheese, they are divided into rennet, processed and fermented.

There are many varieties of cheese. For example:

  • Soft cheese,
  • semi-solid,
  • Solid,
  • Superhard,
  • without maturing,
  • brine,
  • Pasty,
  • Smoked,
  • mold,
  • other.

Since cheese production used for human food, its quality is extremely important for health and life of man. Therefore, the procedure of certification of cheese and cheese products for the implementation of this type of product in Russia is compulsory.

Currently, certification of cheese is the definition of relevant technical regulations on milk and its products, which sets requirements for dairy products, including cheese and its packaging, labeling, technological processes of production, personnel involved in the production of cheese products.

According to the EEA Technical regulations 021/2011 the declaration of conformity is the document that confirms the quality cheese and its compliance to all required norms. This law provides, depending on the type of product, the five schemes of cheese products certification. Depending on the scheme cheese is a subject to various terms of the declaration of conformity, but not exceeding 5 years, for the serial production.

stage of the procedure of registration certificate for cheese

For certification of cheese, you can contact a specialized certification body that has the state accreditation. In Novosibirsk such a center so is our CA.

For certification, the certification body must provide a statement, a package of statutory documents, as well as certificates for raw materials from which the cheese product is prepared and a veterinary certificate. You must also provide a certificate of quality production. If that is not available, you have to submit a statutory documents and the application for certification, and also the documents to assess the quality of production.

After submission of all documents and providing product samples for the study, the center's specialists conduct laboratory research. The physical and chemical products, such as the active acidity of fat, moisture, salt, sodium nitrate, etc. are determined. If according to the researches the product is found to be in a full compliance with the characteristics set by the legislation and the quality standards, the applicant is given the declaration.

Contacting our certification in Novosibirsk, you can not only make the declaration of conformity, but also order the voluntary certification for cheese for quite reasonable prices and within the terms.


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