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Certification toothbrushes

Toothbrush is the subject of hygiene, which is used to clean the teeth and mouth, to cleanse them from pollution and disease prevention.

Nowadays at the domestic market there are a huge variety of toothbrushes. They differ in the level of rigidity of the bristles. There could be toothbrushes on batteries and without it.

The toothbrushes certification is required because this is a product that directly affect human health, it is included in the approved by the Government Resolution No. 982, adopted in 2009, single list of products, the quality of which must be confirmed. After completion of this procedure, in case of full compliance with the product characteristics to the approved standards and quality requirements, the applicant gets a document confirming the high quality products – a certificate. Moscow, Novosibirsk and every Russian city has a huge number of shops, but the implementation of toothbrushes without the presence of this document is forbidden in any of them.

Certificate of compliance for toothbrushes is required for:

  • Toothbrushes with different stiffness OKP 96 7717,
  • Electric dental brushes, which are powered by batteries, the batteries for them or chargers OKP 51 5653,

Certificates also are needed for such goods oral hygiene goods as:

  • OKP 91 5822, in accordance with GOST 5972-77,
  • Toothpaste all kinds OKP 91 5821, in accordance with GOST 7983-99.

Together with other hygiene products, toothbrush needs a mandatory certification, which confirms the registration. The document, which confirms the full conformity of the product approved by the current legislation of the Russian epidemiological and health standards, and accordingly certifies product safety for human health and life while using it.

Toothbrushes can be certified by a manufacturer or a seller of products. To get help on issuance of this document, as well as to obtain a certificate in Moscow or Novosibirsk, please contact the authorized certification body. Its name is an organization registered officially in our Russia, registered with the tax authorities and has, without fail, the state accreditation.

The details of toothbrushes’ certification in Russia

Certification procedure for toothbrushes follows a standard pattern:

  • The certification body is provided with a standard application for certification of products,
  • providing a document describing the product and its production process, as well as certified copies of statutory documents of the applicant company. A complete list of documents can be agreed in the CA.
  • providing the samples for the study.
  • Specialists of CA identify the products and choose the certification scheme.
  • Making laboratory researches of the products, the purpose of which is to determine the characteristics of a good match quality standards set by the legislation.
  • Writing the protocols of study, which are transmitted to the Commission for certification.
  • After learning protocols and documentation, Certification Commission shall decide whether to issue the supporting documents or to reject.
  • The applicant receives the certificate.

In case if the study reveals a partial or complete mismatch of the product to the production standards and requirements established by Russian law, the certification body is authorized to refuse to issue a certificate of conformity, as it was to confirm the high quality.

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