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Certificate cable products

The cable is a one or several conductors connected to the core, which are isolated from each other and covered.

Certificate for cable products is an official confirmation of the fact that the product meets all the legislative requirements and standards. There are many types of cables, which are divided by areas of application:

    • power transmitting electricity;
    • cables wired;
    • control cables;
    • optical and radio-frequency transmitting signals and power.

Besides the cables are classified:

    • by the presence and type of insulation;
    • by the presence and type of screen;
    • the number of cores;
    • on wire material;
    • the degree of flexibility, etc.

Certificates for any cable products are subject to certification according the EEA Technical regulations 004/2011.

    • for both stationary and non-stationary pads,
    • to power up to 1 kW, as well as for the voltage of 35kV,
    • power from paper or plastic insulation,
    • equipped with a heat-insulated rubber,
    • multicore flexible cables suspended.

Almost all types of cable, except those that are laid under the ground or under water are to be certified  according to the Federal Law #123-FL, so the fire certificate of compliance with fire safety requirements is needed.

How to order (to get) a certificate for cable products in Russia?

Authorities that make up the certificates are certification centers. Certification center in Novosibirsk, may be an organization, officially registered and state-accredited in the Russian Federation.

Cable has a standard certification scheme, regulated by the law and carried out in several stages:

  • Submitting an application for certification;
  • providing the necessary documents;
  • providing product samples;
  • laboratory tests and studies of the given samples to determine their compliance with current regulations and quality standards (or identify discrepancies);
  • the decision about the design and delivery of a certificate to the applicant or the decision of refusal in case of non-compliance of products to the stated requirements is taken by the specialists of the center;
  • issuing certificate of product conformity with current standards and regulations.

The failure in the certification process for cables are possible only in those cases when the results of conducted tests and researches mismatches the properties and characteristics of the product required by legal standards and norms.


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