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Certificate for tires


A tire is an essential element of the vehicle which represents a strong, elastic membrane on the wheel rim.

Certificate for a bus is a kind of official document which is a proof of completion of the product certification procedures, as a result of the matching of product standards, legislation adopted in the Russian Federation.

Usually tires are made of rubber, having such components:

  • Soot,
  • Sulphur,
  • Rubber,
  • Silica,
  • Vulcanization activator,
  • Environmental fillers.

Depending on the use, they manufacture tires of different diameters, and with different levels of pressure that does not exceed the limit.

Also tires are classified according to operating conditions:

  • season Products AS (all season),
  • tires that are very effective for use in the wet Rain, Aqua,
  • Products Winter Winter,
  • tires intended for road snow and mud Mud Snow,

Since tires are a necessary condition for the movement of many vehicles and it is one of their constituents, they are the subject to the same security and compliance requirements as on the vehicles themselves. The compliance with the product must necessarily be confirmed in GOST R system according to the high requirements for tires. Initially you must get the certificate of conformity clearance for a tire itself, but then after the complete assembly of the wheels, the whole complexion of wheels with tires must be certified again.

According to the Russian legislation only some types of tires should be certified by getting the declaration (bicycle tires). If necessary, you can carry out the procedure for the certification on your own free will.

More about the process of registration certificate for tires

Certification order for tires can be turned to the certification of products. The applicant may be an organization which is officially registered and state-accredited in Russia. In Novosibirsk, such an organization is represented by our firm.

Standard certification procedure is as follows:

  • The certification body application form is supplied with a standard package of documents, the composition of which shall be agreed with the staff of the center. Applicant can act as a manufacturer and seller of products.
  • The samples of products are taken.
  • Specialists Center conducted laboratory tests on the selected product certification scheme. According to the test results the acts that are transmitted to the Commission for certification are made.
  • After studying all the information provided by the applicant documentation and test reports, the Commission adopts a decision on issuing statements of quality products.
  • The applicant gets the issued documents.

In case of total or partial non-conformity of the product characteristics of the statutory standards required for this type of product the certification bodies authorized in the design make the decision to refuse to issue certificates of compliance.

For more advice, as well as for the certification of products, you can contact the certification center in Novosibirsk.


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