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Certificate of compliance Euro 4


In all states that are members of the European Union, including our country, all kinds of transportation, whether it is a passenger car or a truck, are subject to mandatory certification in environmental standards euro 4 .

The fact that the car is in full compliance with all mandated norms and standards issued by law is confirmed officially issued certificate of conformity Euro 4.

The main goal of this set of standards is the global minimization of the content in motor vehicle exhaust fumes hazardous to human life and health and to the environment.

In Russia certification according to euro 4 standards is valid with respect to all kinds of imported cars, each of which must be subjected to the standard procedure of certification.

If the vehicle has not passed the certification procedure euro 4, it does not have the right to be sold or make any movement on the territory of Russia.

To issue certificates for Euro 4 without spending a lot of time and funds, please contact our certification center in Novosibirsk. This certification center is accredited by the state and officially registered in Russia.

Applying to our certification center, you will receive the professional experts’ help in the preparation and execution of all necessary documents, the employees of the organization identify the car, and will also hold a certification process and help you to get you the environmental certificate euro 4 .

Documentation required for registration of the certificate of Euro 4

In order to get Euro 4 for a private car, you must provide the certification center with the following documents of the vehicle:

  • application for registration of the environmental supporting document on behalf of the owner of the certified vehicle;
  • photocopy of the passport of the owner of the car;
  • photocopy of the vehicle registration document, Certificate of title for a vehicle and other documents containing any information about the technical and operational characteristics of the certified car.

If the applicant is an organization there is a slightly different set of documents for cars:

  • document that spelled out all the details of the organization;
  • copy of the contract for the car;
  • copy of the specifications attached to the contract (or invoice);
  • passport of the certified vehicle (certified copy);
  • other technical documents for certified vehicles;

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In addition of the fact that this system monitors the compliance of the vehicle to the environmental standards the receiving euro certificate is also necessary for automobile fuel.

For example, diesel fuel in our country, must comply with modern standards. Such fuel is produced in accordance with the new environmental standards, significantly different from vehicle fuel made due to the obsolete norms and standards.

The main and the most important difference produced by the new diesel fuel standards from the old, is, above all, high cetane number. In addition, diesel fuel, which complies with the new environmental standards, contains much less of polycyclic hydrocarbons, and sulfur.

Thanks to the new European environmental standards of production and the use of diesel fuel for transportation, a certain type of combustion of the fuel, which had a negative impact on the health and quality of life, today is not thrown out to the environment. Now the atmosphere does not face such complex and simple chemicals, such as:

  • certain types of solid particles;
  • nitrogen oxide;
  • different hydrocarbons;
  • dangerous carbon monoxide, and a host of other, equally dangerous and harmful substances to human health.

Diesel fuel, which has euro certificate, is guaranteed to be safe for humans and the environment.

Compliance of vehicles and fuel to the new environmental standards guarantees the following as positive changes in the operation of diesel fuel:

  • optimization of the combustion process;
  • significant reduction of noise and vibration of the engine;
  • maximum protection for all engine parts from the phenomenon of corrosion;
  • improvement of the starting the engine;
  • minimizing all possible harmful deposits in certain automobile parts of the cylinder-piston;
  • optimization of particulate filters.

In addition, diesel fuel, which is in full compliance with the standards of the euro, contains in its composition so called additive, which helps to protect the parts of the engine from early wear and all kinds of breakdowns.

Technical Regulations governing the issuance of a certificate of Euro 4

Of this document and the Russian Federation are regulated by the specifically adopted technical regulations. This normative legal document drawn up and adopted in order to protect the environment and human health from the harmful effects of various hazardous substances, which in particular can be contained in vehicle exhaust.

Under the provisions of the technical regulations, the compulsory certification in the new environmental certification system shall be for the following types of vehicles:

  • passenger cars (class M1), working through the internal combustion engine, used for the carriage of passengers (and have a maximum of eight seats, excluding the driver’s seat);
  • trucks operating by the internal combustion engine (class № 1,2,3), and made on the basis of freight cars by representatives of special equipment;
  • buses that have been equipped with an internal combustion engine (Class M2, Class M3).

The period of validity of the document received in the environmental certification euro is 4 years. If during its operation there will be a new environmental standard adopted, the term of the previously issued certificate may be limited.

In Novosibirsk, you can determine which ecological class the car corresponds to in several ways. You can try to figure it out with the help of the VIN number of the vehicle engine. However, it is recommended to contact the certification center, only specialists in the organization can determine the class of car, and will help to make environmental certificate.

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