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"Rostest Siberia" is the best solution for certification of your products and services!

“Rostest Siberia” – the best solution for certification of your products and services!

What is product certification? This is a rather complicated process, which becomes the guarantor of the confirmation of high quality and absolute safety for human use their certified products. According to the business community certification is recognized as one of the main components of the success of every organization that respects itself and its customers.

Why should weget certified?

Since the certification of goods and services is becoming more urgent and necessary year by year, it is difficult to underestimate its significance. Furthermore the requirements of Russian legislation in respect of quality and safety of products on the Russian market are becoming more stringent, and include more extensive list of products.

How do I get certified?

Usually obtaining the necessary certificate seems to be a rather complicated procedure. However this is true only for those cases where the product company or the supplier of goods doesn’t have all the necessary documents, or whether it is preparing all required permits for registration of a certificate or declaration.
How to speed up and simplify the process? The answer is simple – call or write to our Certification Center “Rostest Siberia.” By delegating the entire certification process  to a specialized center you give us the right to obtain all the documents and information. All you have to do is to get ready to have a certificate at the right time.

Where to get certified?

Certification center “Rostest Siberia” is one of the biggest offices for certification in Siberia and the Far East. We are working in this sphere for more than 10 years – and our experts provide you with all the information and practical services for obtaining permits in a professional manner. We know all about the certification of products and services made in Russia and abroad.
“Rostest Siberia” is the center of the certification. It has 14 offices in its structure in Russia and two of them are the accredited certification body.
We recognize the great responsibility that lies on our company. That’s why we closely follow innovations in the legislation. We are trusted by dozens of organizations, not only in Siberia, but in whole Russia.
Realizing how important certification is for you, we offer a discount system along with a professional approach, which makes our partnership even more enjoyable for you!
The website “Rostest Siberia” contains the most relevant information on the current certification. You can also find the answer to any question related to certification. Specialist’s consultations are provided by our center for free.

What is the result of our work?

The main document that you get is the certificate of conformity. In the Russian Federation, the certificate of conformity is the most common and popular document confirming compliance with the characteristics and properties of the product (service) standards adopted by the legislation, requirements and standards. This type of document is the official confirmation. It may be necessary for registration, as well as voluntary, depending on the type of the certificated product.

Certificate of Compliance in Novosibirsk, Russia, and throughout our country is made for certain types of products for which the state provides the mandatory confirmation of compliance with all previously approved requirements, standards and norms. The above products are registered in the official national list of products which are the subject to mandatory formal confirmation by the full compliance of goods or services previously approved standards and requirements in the national standards (certification). Registration certificate for compliance is a kind of official confirmation of high quality and the highest level of product safety, as well as stability and reliability of the manufacturing organization. Furthermore, the presence of this type of instrument guarantees the proper support requirements for transportation and storage, sales and disposal of products, also provides an accurate implementation of all procedures related to the fabrication and subsequent movements of goods through the territory of our state.

Certificates for any product or service are to be made by the organization which has a mandatory state accreditation. This is a company or individual, officially registered in Russia, particularly in Novosibirsk, as well as having an official certificate attesting to the fact of tax registration. Such an organization is called the certification center.

In the certification centers, experts with appropriate qualifications and holding certain skills, held all the necessary studies and trials of certificated product for its full compliance with all previously approved standards, requirements and standards, all the necessary documents are prepared and executed.

Types of Certificates

In our state, as a rule, depending on the type of product, the value of the consignment, the destination of the goods, and other aspects there are two types of certificates of conformity for products and services:

  • required;
  • voluntary.

Required certification for products or services is issued only to those products that are registered in the National List of One, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation, the products which are the subject to mandatory formal confirmation of their compliance with the characteristics of all previously approved requirements and standards.

Certification Scheme

A mandatory certificate in Novosibirsk (Russia) for the goods or services can be made according to the one of the legislatively mandated ten schemes of certification. It is printed out in accordance with applicable law, on a special form, usually yellow in color.

Voluntary certificate is issued on the letterhead of the color blue, as specifically approved by the regulatory and legislative documents in the field of certification.

If the product is not registered in the national list of common goods and services subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity, it is possible to obtain the voluntary certification of products or services. It is recommended to register this supporting document in order to confirm the high quality of product that allows you to increase the competitiveness of the manufacturer, as well as to strengthen the confidence of consumers and business partners.

The most complete and popular in Russia Certification System is a national system GOST R. This system applies to both voluntary and mandatory type of certification confirming compliance of the products or services.


Typically, the certification center can order the execution of all types of supporting documents. Obtaining certificates for any product involves the passage of a standard certification process, which consists of several stages:

First of all, one must submit an application for certification procedures, as well as a package (a copy notarized) documents to the product; the specialists of the certification center identify the product’s belonging to the certain certification procedure; the certain kinds of research and laboratory testing are carried out to comply with the full range of previously approved standards and requirements; the results of the studies described above, the decision on the design and delivery are passed to the applicant.

What is written on the certificate?

The certificate of conformity for products in Russia contains the following items:

  • confirmation number (unique) confirmation of the document;
  • period (if this box is blank, then the document is of indefinite duration);
  • the name of the CA, as well as the full address, telephone number;
  • name of the product, an indication of agreement (contract) delivery;
  • list of legal and regulatory documents, standards and requirements which must conform with the certified product;
  • full name of the manufacturer, indicating its full registered address;
  • indication of the organization, which serves the recipient and holder of the document certifying compliance;
  • base;
  • For more information;
  • code of ECV, HS.

The integral part of the certificate of conformity in Russia is by the official seal and signature of the authority conducting the procedure for certification.

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