Transport license in Russia

Transport license in Russia

Transport License is an official document, which gives the right to pursue activities in the field of transport.

You can get a license for the provision of transport services in the Transport Inspectorate, subordinated to the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Transport Inspectorate of territorial relevance are authorized for the issue of the transport licenses for such activities as:

  • the transportation of passengers on the territory of Russia by road transport, consisting of 8 or more people;
  • international carriage of passengers by road transport of more than 8 people;
  • International cargo weighing more than 3.5 tons.

Certification center in Novosibirsk provides qualified help in the preparation of the transport license. Employment specialists advise on all matters relating to the licensing and certification.

Licensing of transport services provided for commercial purposes is mandatory in accordance with the decision taken in July 2005 by the Federal law № 80.

At the same time, the transport activities carried out for personal reasons do not require the obligatory registration.

Licensing procedure of transport services must be carried in accordance with the strict  requirements of the regulatory legislation.

How to get the transport license in Russia?

To obtain a license to operate in the field of transportation, you will need:

  • The execution of the requirements and standards set by law for the stated activity;
  • The vehicles owned by the carrier, must strictly conform to the standards and requirements of operational safety of the vehicles;
  • The personnel involved in the activities of the transport organization must have appropriate qualifications and be certified in the field of professional activity.

When you receive a license to transport services you must provide the licensing authority with the following documentation:

  • The application;
  • copies of all statutory and registration documents of the applicant certified by a notary;
  • the identification of road safety of the employees;
  • copies of registration documents notarized vehicles;
  • The payment document confirming the payment of the license fee.


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