Resolution RTN

Resolution RTN

Document issued by the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision confirms the compliance with the objects of industrial security settings and, therefore, permits the use of the object. The list of industrial facilities that are required to issue a permit, approved by the Russian Federation № 116 “On industrial safety of hazardous production facilities”, adopted on 21 July 1997 (last amended July 27, 2010).

The permission RTN is made based on the results of the examination of industrial safety. The presence of this document provides the official right to use industrial equipment in hazardous objects (coal, oil and gas and other industries).

It is needed for such industrial facilities as:

  • Lifting structures;
  • Mining and mineral processing equipment;
  • Transportation Equipment (transportation) of dangerous goods;
  • Tools MAG respiratory equipment;
  • etc.

This document was issued for a period of five years. After this period it was necessary to issue a new permit.

Since 01.01.2014, the certificates or declarations of compliance with the EEA Technical regulations are to be a sufficient proof of industrial safety of products, so the permission RTN is not required for this these products any more. For those products which still are certified according to GOST R, the additional proof security will remain relevant, but the resolution of RTN was changed for another permanent document called the experts’ review of industrial safety. Since the legislation in terms of industrial safety continues to be refined, the need to design one of these documents is better to specify the specialists.

The list of documents and information required for the registration of permission RTN

Documents (for a Russian customer):

  • customer request;
  • letter to the head of RTN;
  • certificate of tax registration;
  • certificate of registration of the customer;
  • characteristic of a product;
  • data about the manufacturer;
  • Technical documentation (test reports, specifications, etc.);
  • Fire Safety Certificate, Certificate of explosion;
  • certificate of conformity in the GOST-R;
  • certificates for parts;
  • Certificate conservation, receiving, packing.

Documents (for foreign customers):

  • customer request;
  • letter to the head;
  • data about the manufacturer;
  • characteristic of a product;
  • Technical documentation (test reports, passport, etc.)
  • Fire Safety Certificate, Certificate of explosion;
  • certificates for parts and accessories;
  • Certificate in GOST R system;
  • Certificate conservation, receiving, packaging;
  • Certificate ISO 9001.

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