Ozone conclusion

Opinion ozone

Ozone conclusion is the document for the products containing substances that can lead to destruction of the ozone layer (the resolution of the Russian Federation 8.05. 1996 № 563 “On regulation of import to the Russian Federation and export from the Russian Federation and containing ozone-depleting substances their products”). The list of products on which the ozone conclusion is processed, is contained in the Order of SCC of 31.05.1996 №336.

Such products include:

  • conditioners (for trucks and cars);
  • dehumidifiers;
  • Ice;
  • Water coolers;
  • etc.

This opinion is issued by the Federal Service for Technological, Environmental and Nuclear Supervision for customs control.

Finally, the ozone document is issued on the consignment, consisting of ozone-depleting substances. Ozone conclusion is valid for one year from the date of its receipt.

How to get the ozone conclusion?

To get the ozone conclusion you first have to get the expert opinion, the certificate of conformity (or refusal letter), sanitary-epidemiological conclusions and other documents such as:

  • An application form;
  • Information on the company (TIN, BIN);
  • The characteristic of the product;
  • The list of products containing ODS, etc.

To obtain the ozone conclusion please contact our certification center. We’ll tell you about the procedure of registration, and help you to get the documents and the conclusion of ozone in the shortest possible time.


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