Notification of the FSB

Notification of the FSB

Notification in the Federal Security Service, in essence, is a document officially confirming the fact that a certain type of equipment contains encryption (cryptographic) means. This equipment is registered in the Federal Security Service.

The notification is filled by the manufacturer of the FSB as well as an authorized person with certain authority. Such an authorized person for the design of such a document as the notification of the Federal Security Service (FSS) must be either an employee of the applicant, as well as one of the certificate authorities of Russia.

After registering at the official level, notification FSS allows the passage of encryption products (equipment, machinery) through checkpoints customs service.

Notification of the FSS is needed from the beginning of last year. Any kind of encryption technology, whether it is a laptop, a cell phone, or some software, routers, etc., it is subject to compulsory registration of such document.

The concept of notification involves the fact of official informing the Federal Security Service of Russia on the availability of encryption (or cryptographic) in its products.

The list of goods subject to clearance notification FSS

The following documents are subject to the notification of the FSS:

1) Goods containing symmetric cryptographic algorithm that uses a key that is not longer than 56 bits;

2) Products that contain cryptographic means, with certain limited functions;

3) Cryptographic means, which are components of the operating system software, whose cryptographic functionality cannot be changed by the user;

4) The personal smart card;

5) Receiving equipment intended for radio and TV broadcasting (commercial);

6) cryptographic equipment, the possibility of which is wholly or partly available to the user;

7) encryption (or cryptographic) equipment that has been developed (and limited) for the use of banking and financial transactions;

8) mobile and portable radio-electronic means used by citizens;

9) radio-electronic equipment, wireless, which encrypts information only in the channel, the maximum range cordless operation is not more than 400 meters, according to the manufacturers’ specifications.

10) cryptographic tools used to protect the fuel channels and networks;

11) The goods whose cryptographic function was blocked by the manufacturer.


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