Certificate Ministry of Communications

Ministry of Communications certificate

Certificate of Ministry of Communications is a certificate of conformity in certification system Communication (CAS) – a document certifying that communication meets the technical requirements adopted by the Ministry of Communications of Russia. Certification of equipment in this system of certification is regulated by the Resolution of Government № 214 “On approval of the rules of the organization and work on mandatory conformity of communication” (13 April 2005).
List of equipment which needs this type of certification is contained in the Resolution of Government № 532 “On approval of the list of communications, subject to certification” (25 June 2009).
Ministry of Communications Certificate is issued on the means of communication used in public communications networks in the networks of technology and special purpose networks, if they are attached to the networks of public communication.

Communications (hereinafter SS) for that package CCC:

  • MOP function switching systems (MTS, stations and substations, etc.);
  • MOP function of the digital transport systems;
  • radio-SS;
  • etc.

For certain types of equipment, which is not included in the above-named list, the issue of the declaration of conformity is issued. Declaration of goods (in this case of equipment) is performed after giving by the applicant the necessary documentation. It should be noted that the declaration of conformity is issued only when we have a positive result of a laboratory test products.

How to order the certificate of the Ministry of Communications in Russia?

The certificate of Ministry of Communications is issued by an accredited certification by the specialized Certification Body on the basis of tests for compliance with the requirements of safety communications, signal transmission of electromagnetic compatibility.

Only the sellers or the manufacturers who must be a legal entity or an individual entrepreneur of the product have the right to issue the Certificate.
Certification in this field of communication passes through two schemes:

  • Equipment Certification;
  • Certification of production (we check the conditions of production, and process).

To obtain a certificate of Ministry of Communications of the means of communication, the CA must be provided with:

  • Description of the technical characteristics of the equipment (purpose, function as a means of communication, means of completeness, the conditions for the use of the communication network using common, wiring diagrams, operating conditions, etc.);
  • information about the manufacturer (if the applicant is not the manufacturer);
  • Additional information: data on weight and dimensions of the SS, etc.

If you want to make CAS, contact the certification center “Rostest Siberia.” Here you will find out what equipment needs this type of certification, our specialists will help you put together a package of necessary documents and answer the questions on the certification of equipment.


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