Licensing of medical services

Licensing of medical services

License for medical services is the official document that gives the right to work in the medical field and is made by the appropriate authorized state bodies.

Only the legal entities and individual entrepreneurs can get the License for the provision of medical services in the Russian Federation in accordance with the Regulations on licensing in the field of medical practice, approved in 2007.

How to get a license for medical services in Russia?

In order to obtain a license for medical services, the applicant must submit the following documents:

  • list of services and activities which the applicant plans to perform;
  • complete package of incorporation and registration of documents, including the decision to establish the organization and appointment of the head;
  • company regulation and establishment documents;
  • certificate confirming the status of the taxpayer;
  • the codes of organization assigned by Goskomstat;
  • the extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities;
  • the document confirming payment of the license fee levied for consideration of the application for the grant of a license for medical services;
  • the lease contract for non-residential manufacturing facilities;
  • floor plan where you plan to work;
  • explication of the plan area;
  • documents confirming ownership of the equipment used in the process of carrying out the activities for which a license is planned;
  • certificates attesting to the quality of medical equipment;
  • registration documents for the medical equipment;
  • contract for maintenance of medical equipment;
  • the proof of qualification of the professionals;
  • The order which approves the position of the person responsible for medical services.

All the content is provided in the form of notarized copies bundled with the originals.

The validity period of the License for medical services is 5 years old.

The procedure for obtaining permits for health care can be alleviated with the help of experts of the certified center of Novosibirsk, who provide the assistance and consulting services for licensing and certification. With their help, the delays in obtaining permits can be greatly reduced.


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