Licensing of education in the Russian Federation

Licensing of education in the Russian Federation

Educational License is an official document authorizing the applicant to carry out the organization in the Russian Federation service activities on education.

All the companies which provide this type of services must get the license.

Licensing procedure of the services on education, in accordance with applicable law, standard and includes a number of key steps:

  • Applying for educational license;
  • filing of the documents containing information about the applicant’s organization;
  • the work of the  licensing committee to review the submitted documents;
  • verification of the applicant in all aspects of its operations for compliance with the norms and standards for the provision of education services;
  • drafting of the instruments and protocols based on the results of inspections;
  • Licensing Commission takes the decision to grant the applicant a document for provision of educational services.

After obtaining a license an organization that provides educational services will be subject to regular inspection bodies responsible for licensing in order to identify its compliance with the requirements of Russian legislation in the field of education.

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In cases where the licensing authorities will be aware of any non-compliance with the law, the effect of permission may be suspended or revoked.

In accordance with Russian legislation, compulsory licensing in education organizations is engaged in:

  • training children;
  • primary and secondary education;
  • preschool, general and further education for children;
  • higher education;
  • further education of all kinds.

The validity period of the license is limited by three years, depending on the type of service and type of organization.

The procedure for obtaining a license can be greatly facilitated by the experts of the certification center of Novosibirsk, who provide the assistance and consulting services for licensing and certification. With their help, delays in obtaining permits for the conduct of activities in the field of education can be greatly reduced.

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