Licensed for alcohol

Licensed for alcohol

License on alcohol is an official document that gives the rights to sell alcohol in shops, cafes, restaurants and other food service organizations.

Obtaining a license on alcohol in Russia is a must due to the fact that this type of activity, in accordance with applicable law, is subject to the procedure of compulsory licensing.

License on alcohol is a confirmation of the fact that the enterprise has the appropriate conditions and opportunities for retail or wholesale alcoholic beverages, and provides the company with a legal right to engage in that activity.

The procedure for obtaining a license on alcohol is regulated by a number of relevant legal and regulatory acts. Due to the fact that the legislation has a tendency to change, we recommend that in the process of getting the license on alcohol to get advice from experts on certification.

The procedure of issuing licenses for alcohol

The Specialists of the certification center in Novosibirsk provide appropriate assistance to those who intend to obtain a license, which gives the right to sell alcohol. In addition, our experts will give appropriate advice on licensing and certification.

In accordance with Russian legislation only the legal entity has a right to sell alcoholic beverages. The entrepreneurs who do not have that status can not engage in this activity.

The organizations with the following legal form have a right to sell alcohol:

  • Limited (Liability) Company (LLC);
  • Joint-Stock (JSC);
  • Public corporation.

Licensing is a procedure to check on compliance and norms enshrined in law and provided for these types of trade. To obtain permits for the sale of alcohol at retail, the applicant must have a share capital of dependent types of liquor sold by:

  • 10,000 rubles for low alcohol products;
  • 300,000 rubles for small businesses that implement strong drink;
  • 1000000 rubles for companies not listed in the register of small and selling liquor.


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