Exemption Letter

Letter of Exemption

In Russia, there is a list of products for which it is necessary to pass through the certification procedure to ensure their statutory obligations, standards, regulations, technical specifications (stated in the resolution of RF Government of 12.01.2009, № 982). The List is called the “unified list of products which are obliged to be certified or declared.

The product that is not included in this list, do not need to be certified. In this case, the refusal letter may need to be issued, explaining the absence of documented need for certification.

The types of refusal letters, acting on the territory of Russia

There are several types of refusal letters.

The first is trading refusal letter – got by the manufacturer, seller or supplier of the goods to provide its customers and regulatory authorities. Accepted throughout the Russian Federation.

The second type is the refusal letter for customs. It is issued by the Russian Research Institute for Certification. It is needed for customs during the customs clearance.

The third type is the refusal letters from Rospotrebnadzor. Rospotrebnadzor issues and confirms that a particular product is not subject to registration on its compliance with hygienic and sanitary standards laid down in the Customs Union.

Finally, a fourth type is a refusal letter for fire safety. It can be issued for products that are not included in the list of products (in accordance with the decree of 17.03.2009, № 241), mandatory for certification in fire safety. It can be issued by the CA, which has a corresponding right in this kind of certification to confirm the fire.

Validity period of exemption letters defined additions and amendments, published annually by the Government. Therefore, the average denial letters are issued for a period of one year.

It should be remembered that in a letter of refusal can be placed at once information about the three (but not more) objects that are not subject to mandatory certification.
The procedure of registration

exemption letter

During the registration of the exemption letter it is required to provide the CA with the appropriate documentation, such as:
– statement and the stamp of the applicant with details of the applicant;
– codes by OCP or HS;
– product description (appearance, scope of use, technical data).

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