Fire Certificate

Fire Certificate

Fire certificate is a document which confirms that the products and equipment comply with the requirements of technical regulations “On Fire Safety” (Order № 123 July 22, 2008). These technical regulations were designed to protect human health and safety, and also for the protection of personal and state property from fires.

Technical regulations contain information on the procedures necessary to obtain fire certificate in this field, the fire safety requirements for products, processes, design, operation, production, transportation, etc., the list of documents required for issuing the certificate, list of certified products and equipment etc.

Fire certificate is issued on:

  • of fire safety;
  • Building constructions and products;
  • heat generating devices;
  • Protective equipment and citizens from fire;
  • means normalization of air and light a fire;
  • etc.

In Novosibirsk and Barnaul the fire certification can be done on a mandatory (declaration of conformity or required certificate of conformity) and voluntary (voluntary certificate of conformity) basis. In this case, the certificate of conformity or a declaration of compliance can be issued as serial products, and a limited quantity of products.

Official issuing the fire certificate

Fire certificate must be issued by the certification bodies accredited in the field. The Fire safety certificate is issued on the basis of the test conducted by an accredited laboratory. Governmental decree dated 10.03.2009 № 304-p (change from 10.09.2009) approved the list of national standards containing the methods and rules for measuring and testing.

The test report contains:

  • data on the testing laboratory that carried out the inspection;
  • Data on certification body who has appointed testing;
  • information about the methods and testing program;
  • information on samplings;
  • Conditions of test events;
  • verifiable indicators and requirements, information on regulations containing such requirements;
  • the Issue Date of the test report;
  • etc.

Fire Safety Certificate is issued for a period of one to five years at most.

For help in getting the fire certificate, contact our Certification Center “Rostest Siberia.” Here you will get the advice on all matters of certification scheme and all the necessary documents.

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