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FSB Notification

Good afternoon! We are interested in acquiring the FSB Notification for Wi-Fi transmitter. Coud you advise us the procedure and price matter in regard to our request! Your soonest answer is highly appreciated!

Entony Sulzermann (Berlin, 29 may 2016)

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FSB notification

i\'m a french manufacturer of thin client products (sort of a small computer PC without any fan nor HDD).
Do i need to obtain notification of FSB certificate to export in russia?
If this is the case, what is the procedure to obtain it? How much does it cost?
Thank in advance for the answer.

Lebel (Les ulis, 13 may 2015)

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Certification of porcelain

Dear Sir or Madam

My name is John Lee. I work for Chineese porcelain factory and we would like to export our product to Russia. What documents do we need to sell it in your country?

Waiting for your reply,
John Lee

John Lee (Beijing, 12 february 2015)

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Сертификация косметики Barnaul

Добрый день. Хочу завозить косметику из таких стран как ОАЭ, Египет, Турция: масла для тела, хна, натуральная тушь и прочее. Что нужно, чтобы провести эту косметику через границу и продавать в России?

Мария (Barnaul, 12 february 2015)

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Seasoning for food. Certification

Wе want to produce seasoning for food. Production in Austria. What documents do we need to arrange the sale of products in Russia?

Sheila (Austria, 12 march 2014)

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