Expert report

Expert opinion

Expert report is a paper explaining that the product meets the hygienic and sanitary-epidemiological requirements. The list of products on which the expert advice is drawn is in Section I of the Single List of products subject to sanitary-epidemiological control (as per decision of the CCC May 28, 2010 № 299, rev. Dated October 14, 2010 № 432).

Expert opinion must be issued for the following product groups:

  • Foods (in-kind, in the form of processed, artificial foods);
  • Baby (toys, furniture, bedding, etc.);
  • products, equipment, materials in contact with food;
  • Household chemicals, etc.;
  • Protective;
  • products from natural ingredients, which at the time of manufacture are processed (color, impregnation, etc.);
  • Products Publishing;
  • perfumery, cosmetics;
  • materials for products and products themselves, which are in contact with the human skin, shoes, clothing, etc.;
  • etc.

There is a list of some product groups, which draw up an expert opinion. In all, the list contains 19 products groups such products.

Getting the expert opinion in Russia

Expert opinions are issued on special forms which includes Rospotrebnadzor protected holographic stickers on both sides.

Upon receipt of the expert opinion it is necessary to issue the Rospotrebnadzor Letter, confirming that the products meet the requirements for its sanitary and epidemiological requirements, also issued on the letterhead. Rospotrebnadzor letter is issued on products that are not included in Section II of the Single List of goods subject to sanitary-epidemiological control.

For expert assessment and Rospotrebnadzor Letters please contact Certification Center “Rostest Siberia.” Here you can get help in the design of these documents, as well as get an advice on all matters of certification and declaration, speaking about the main certification schemes, we will help you to prepare a set of required documents.


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