Declaration of conformity with technical regulations

Declaration of conformity with technical regulations

The Declaration is an official document confirming the product’s full approval of technical rules. The declaration issued by the technical specialists of the manufacturer (or seller) of the declared products during the procedure, which is called the declaration, which is mandatory for products for which the corresponding technical regulations are stated. All products that are subject to such a procedure, as the declaration, are registered in the official list of products which conformity must be confirmed by carrying out the procedure.

The Declaration of Conformity is different from a standard certificate that is issued directly by the applicant. Furthermore, the authority of state control, register the document.

Declaration of compliance must be issued in order to protect the rights of consumers to buy safe and quality product.

In 2003, in Russia there was a reform of technical regulation, during which the technical regulations have replaced some of the standards as a guest, Sanitary and snip.

In 2011, more than 40 technical regulations were adopted by the international organization of the Customs Union, which includes Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus.

Issuance of declarations of conformity

The procedure of getting the declaration of compliance to TR can be carried out in one of the certification centers of Russia.

CA, as a rule, is an organization registered for taxation purposes and officially registered in the Russian Federation, which also has the necessarily having state accreditation.

Declaration TR approved and registered by state control only if the manufacturers of products meet all requirements and standards prescribed in the relevant technical regulations.

Declaration is a necessary procedure for many kinds of goods, but one is much more simplified compared with the procedure of mandatory certification, and takes much less time. Declaration is one of the ways by which the Government of the Russian Federation wants to reduce the number of products to be certified to provide more business opportunities for work.


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