Certification scheme

Certification scheme

Product certification is in accordance with a specific order depending on the type and volume of products to be certified, the period of time for which the certificate is issued, as well as other factors. All this is determined by the certification scheme. In Russia, there are dozens of certification schemes, including the more commonly used:

Figure 2: Certification of Contract

Certificate is issued for one year. Certificate holder and manufacturer of products can be a different person. Figure 2 is used in the implementation of the permanent contracts for imported serial products, or by regular deliveries due to individual contracts. All the certification tests must be carried out by the accredited laboratory. The Figure 2 provides a re-testing of products (supervisory control) of individual samples from the batches already imported into Russia.

Scheme 2a provides analysis of the quality management system (QMS).

Figure 3: Certification for serial production (at the manufacturer’s certification)

The certificate is issued for 3 years. Certificate holder and manufacturer of products are to be the same jur. entity (domestic or foreign). Related to the products, the stability of the production which should be safe and approved with the certificate of QMS.
All the certification tests must be carried out by the accredited laboratory. The Figure 3 provides an inspection control product samples taken from the manufacturer.

Scheme 3a includes an analysis of the QMS.

More about other certification schemes

Figure 7 (certification of a large consignment to the contract)

The certificate is issued indefinitely, or its duration is limited by the shelf life. Used for the products the issue or sale of which is rare. When Scheme 7 the inspection control is not provided.

Figure 9: Certification of a small consignment to the contract

Figure 9 differs from that of seven less-certified batches. Product testing is not performed. Figure 9 is based on the use of a declaration of conformity with the accompanying documents. Batch production and, accordingly, a certification scheme (7 or 9) defines certification expert.

Scheme 9a provides an analysis of the QMS.

Certification Center «Rostest Siberia» provides for the declaration and certification. The specialists of our center will help you to decide on the certification scheme, to issue the necessary documents, as well as give advice on the certification and declaration.



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