Services Certification

The term “certification” has a double meaning. First, it means the confirmation of compliance of the characteristics of a product (goods) to the accepted standards. Second, this is the procedure of obtaining the certificate.

Certification of all services is an independent confirmation of compliance with the standards in order to meet the requirements of the service provider to the “Law on the Protection of Consumers’ Rights”.

The purpose of the services certification procedure is to ensure that the offered services meet the requirements and norms of the current legislation (that is certified by compliance) and the quality of these services is assured by the certificate of quality.

Services for the population in the Russian Federation are certified according to GOST 30335-95, GOST 50646-94 and other regulatory documents (depending on the type and content of the services).

Almost all kinds of services are not subject to the compulsory certification procedure.

It is mandatory for services for repair and maintenance of electrical appliances, household appliances and electronics, automotive and transport equipment, the provision of travel services, catering services, passenger services, services for chemical processing and painting (regulated by government decision No. 982 of 01.12.2009).

Mandatory certification procedure cannot be ignored by the service provider.

Additional information on certification of services in the Russian Federation

Services are not included in the list and are not subject to mandatory certification, can pass the procedure of voluntary certification. Due to the high level of competition on the market of services, this fact confirms their compliance with legal standards and requirements positively perceived by the users.

The certification for services is conducted by special agencies, registered in the Russian Federation, in particular, in Novosibirsk, and has the appropriate accreditation.

The organization which certifies its services must possess:

  • logistics service provider (products);
  • suitably qualified personnel;
  • availability of appropriate quality consumable material (equipment);
  • availability of documents confirming the legality of the action (the certificate of state registration, licenses, etc.)

In the process of certifying the specialized centers supervise the state of manufacturing, testing results of the work to determine the compliance of the services with the existing legislation.

Availability of certificate confirms the best quality of service.

In general, certification centers can provide the following services:

  • certification procedure;
  • registration and issuance of the appropriate certificate to the applicant;
  • consulting services;
  • training and assistance in the preparation of the documents are in the competence of the authorized state bodies.

For this purpose the certification center shall possess:

  • location corresponding to the legislative strengthening norms and standards;
  • equipment for laboratory tests and studies;
  • personnel, having the appropriate level of education and skills. 

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