State registration certificate

State registration certificate

In order to realize the nutritional supplements, raw materials for their production, food additives, cosmetics and food products, as well as mineral water on the Russian markets, it is necessary to obtain a number of documents confirming the safe use of these products. These documents are:

    • confirmation of state registration;
    • certificate of conformity in the GOST R or TR systems;
    • declaration of conformity.

These documents are issued by the state authorities of the Russian Federation.

Within the Customs Union the state registration certificate is issued by the Federal Service which is to protect the rights and welfare of the consumer, and for a limited list of goods – the Territorial Rospotrebnadzor.

How to issue a certificate of state registration?

The applicants for getting the certificate on state registration can be:

  • A manufacturer (registering goods produced in the framework of the Customs Union);
  • An importer of the product (registering goods produced outside the territory of the Customs Union).

You can seek for the services of the accredited certification bodies in the Federal Service of the Russian Federation. The period of registration of the certificates of state registration shall not exceed 30 days. Certification Authorities in Novosibirsk provide services in the preparation of all necessary documents.

The procedure is carried out in several stages:

  • The accredited laboratory research centers issue an expert opinion on the conformity of goods which approves the safety of these goods;
  • filing and registration of the statements;
  • examination of the provided documentation and laboratory results in accordance with the sanitary standards;
  • entering the product information recorded in the Register of state registration certificates;
  • the issuance of the certificate.

At Rospotrebnadzor’s web-page you can read the rules of registration of the certificate.

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