Certificate of Compliance Safety

Federal law governing safety in Russia and the Labor Code states that the employer must ensure their organization certification activities related to occupational safety.

Certificate of Security (also called a certificate of conformity of labor protection) is a document that certifies compliance with safety, the organizations, the requirements established by law for the protection of labor.

Certification of safety at the plant is carried out by certification. For example, the certification body of Novosibirsk. Certification is carried out by means of inspection and mapping activities of the employer in matters of safety, taking into account work on job evaluation and characteristics of the organization of labor protection.

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Paragraph 1.1 of Annex 2 to the Decision on the establishment of the organizations of the labor certification states that the safety certification is carried out according to the following scheme:

  • Submitting documents and statements,
  • The identification and classification of products selected for the procedures of certification,
  • Testing the given samples in specialized accredited laboratories which conduct the researches of products. In the case of registration of the declaration of conformity, they study characteristics of the product.
  • The protocol of researches are written
  • Certification Commission studies the above reports and documents provided by the company and makes the decision to issue the declaration (certificate). If during the investigation it was found that the characteristics of mushrooms do not meet the requirements of quality, they take the decision to reject the certification of the product.
  •  The applicant gets the certificate/declaration.

Depending on the results of the certification activities related to the protection of labor, duration of regulatory requirements and state the date of the organization of job evaluation, certification bodies, such as our center in Novosibirsk.



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