Certificate UkrSEPRO

Certificate UkrSEPRO

The products imported to Ukraine, have to get the UkrSEPRO certificate . UkrSEPRO certificate is intended to support compliance with state standards of imported products, other regulations, regulated by the legislation of Ukraine. Availability of certificate UkrSEPRO gives the right to sell products on the Ukrainian market. Certification UkrSEPRO is provided by the State Committee of Ukraine for technical regulation and consumer policy (Derzhspozhyvstandart) of Ukraine, the National Authority for certification.

Making UkrSEPRO certificate for the products can be on a mandatory or voluntary basis. The list of products for certification UkrSEPRO is approved by the order Derzhspozhivstandart Ukraine 01.02.2005 № 28.

On certain products in addition to the certificate UkrSEPRO it is required to issue some other certification documents, such as: expert opinion, fire certificate, etc. In this case you can’t get the certificate UkrSEPRO without pre-clearance of the above-stated documents.

If products are not included in the list of products for mandatory certification, it is possible to issue a certificate UkrSEPRO voluntary.

The decision on granting a certificate UkrSEPRO is taken by the accredited certification body on the basis of tests of certified products. Depending on the species, the volume of production period (from one to five years) of the certificate are several certification schemes.

The stages of UkrSEPRO certification in Russia

The procedure to implement certification UkrSEPRO includes the following items:

  • Giving the application (in Ukrainian, Russian or English languages);
  • submission of the necessary documentation for certification;
  • Consideration of the application and of the documents;
  • Acceptance of the decision on the application for certification and analysis of the documents;
  • for serial production: validation / verification of production / evaluation of quality management system;
  • sampling of the products for research carried by the accredited testing laboratory;
  • Research Laboratory testing of samples of the products;
  • The evaluation of the results;
  • Decision on granting a certificate UkrSEPRO;
  • Filing of certified products to the registry system UkrSEPRO, issuing the certificate;
  • Technical supervision of the certified products.

For registration, please contact the certificate UkrSEPRO certification center “Rostest Siberia”, we give the professional assistance in obtaining the necessary documents, as well as advising on product certification.

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