Certificate of Technical Regulations

Certificate of Technical Regulations

In Russia, for certain types of products that are included in the Unified list of products (according to the Government’s Resolution of December 1, 2009 N 982, edited on November 13, 2010 № 906), you must get a certificate of compliance to the technical regulations. Certification of any kind of production is carried out in two parallel systems: GOST R system and the system of technical regulations.

Certificate of Technical Regulations is a document confirming that the requirements of the specific products are to be certified according to the technical regulations.

Technical regulations were developed in Russia in connection with the entry into force of the Law “On Technical Regulation» № 184-FZ of December 27, 2002

Currently in Russia there are several technical regulations. Some are still being developed, some have already come into force.

Now the adopted regulations have replaced certain state standards, and in the future will be a full transition to certification in this system.
For example, the technical devices and other equipment must correspond to the technical regulations “On safety of wheeled vehicles” which came into force on September 10, 2009 № 720.

The issuance of certificates of conformity of technical regulations is made by the special organizations accredited in this area.

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Certificate in Technical Regulations is issued on the prescribed green form. The period of validity can be a year, 3 years and 5 years, but in practice, the certificate of conformity in this system, as well as in the GOST R system, can also be a term of one to three years.

Each of them contains a list of products subject to certification, safety, information about the period of validity of the certificate, a list of documents presented when obtaining a certificate of technical regulations.

For some products to obtain a certificate of conformity it is required to issue a certificate of state registration, which replaced the Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusion (decision of the Commission of the Customs Union May 28, 2010 № 299) or a fire certificate (the Order of Ministry of Emergency Situations for June 18, 2003 N 312).

The certificate may be issued for a limited batch of goods, mass production, small batch production and other uses. These differences determine the certification scheme, which qualified specialists help to choose depending on the situation.

To obtain a certificate, depending on the type of product, you must provide the certification center with individual documents.

If you need to issue a certificate of technical regulations, refer to the CA “Rostest Siberia.” Here you will learn more about the convenient scheme of certification for your product and help to prepare the documents and get the certificate.

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