Certificate of Approval

Certificate of Approval

There is a variation of a certificate of conformity in the GOST R, which must be issued on the explosion proof electrical equipment (the Ex-equipment), provided for explosive atmospheres. The certificate of Approval confirms the compliance with the requirements of Ex-equipment regulations and is needed to get the permission of Gosgortekhnadzor RF application and the equipment.

The procedure of certification of explosion-proof equipment is published in the Russian Federation Standard Resolution “On approval of the” Rules of certification of electrical equipment for hazardous areas “(March 19, 2003 № 28/10).

This certificate is issued for the objects included in the “single list of products” and are subject to compulsory certification (for the December 1, 2009 N 982, edited on November 13, 2010 № 906). Certification of explosion protection is obligatory for the Ex-equipment-installation (system),-products (devices for storage, production, distribution, transmission, control, measurement, consumption, conversion and electricity, etc.), components (part of Ex-products).

Ex-equipment is divided into two groups:

  • firedamp explosion proof electrical equipment for underground mining;
  • Explosion-proof electrical (except underground mining).

details on receipt of a formal certificate of protection

Certificate of Approval is issued for a period of three years (not more) after the tests conducted by the testing laboratory.
When receive the certificate of protection the equipment must be marked in encrypted form with information about the type of protection (powder filling, explosion proof, etc.), explosion group (high reliability, explosion, explosion-proof special), temperature class, etc.
If you need to issue a certificate of protection or do not know, whether the equipment is subject to mandatory certification or not, contact our certification center.

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