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Certificate for equipment


The equipment includes machinery, equipment, machines used in manufacturing. Certificate Equipment confirms that the equipment is installed by the standards, regulations, and other regulations. For each type of equipment, depending on the area of its application (processing equipment, electro-industrial, industrial gas consumption, electrical equipment, etc.), you must execute a certain type of certification.

For equipment that is in the “single list of products” (December 1, 2009 N 982, ed. November 13, 2010 № 906) a certificate of conformity or a declaration must be issued. This is, first of all, household equipment, electronic, etc. Both documents are endowed identical legal effect.

According to the technical regulations “On safety of machinery and equipment” (the  resolution of September 15, 2009 № 753) almost all types of equipment draw up the certificate of conformity of technical regulations.

In addition to the certificate of conformity or a declaration of conformity of the equipment contained in the lists of technical regulations “On Fire Safety” (Federal Law № 123 from 22.07.2008 years) the fire certificate can be required. This is, first and foremost, electrical and fire equipment.

On the types of equipment used for cooking or in contact with drinking water, also a certificate of state registration must be issued (Decision of the Customs Union May 28, 2010 № 299), confirming that the equipment hygienic and sanitary standards laid down in the Customs Union.

How to get the Certificate for equipment in Russia?

Each type of certificates is issued on the basis of tests carried out to confirm that the equipment corresponds to the stated requirements.

Certificate for equipment is available in the certification center, accredited by the relevant field.
If you need to certify the equipment, contact our certification center. We will suggest the most suitable scheme and help to gather the required package of documents for a particular certificate.


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